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Blair Strip Steel applies standard AISI edges and special edges to our narrow width strip steel.  In the same process, we can rewind edged material into ribbon-wound or oscillate-wound coils.  Strip steel sections up to 6" wide (153 mm) can be wound in ribbon coils and sections up to 2" wide (50 mm) can now be wound in oscillated coils with a face up to 18" (457 mm), in coils weighing up to 5000 lbs (2268 kgs) for maximum productivity.
Basic Definitions:
  • Edging: Using a series of roller dies to prepare a specified configuration on the edge of strip steel.
  • Ribbon or Pancake Coils: Strip is wound directly upon itself like ribbon or scotch tape.
  • Oscillating: Narrow strip steel is traverse-wound like a fishing reel to produce a coil with more linear footage than ribbon coils, with prepared edges and safer coil handling than narrow ribbon-wound coils.
  • Coil Face: The actual width of an oscillate-wound coil, usually 8" (203 mm), 10" (254 mm), 12" (305 mm), 14" (356 mm), 16" (406 mm), or 18" (457 mm) wide.
Standard AISI Types of Edges
No. 1 Round Edge: Radius approximately equal to 1/2 the thickness.
No. 2 Mill Edge: Naturally formed hot rolled or cold rolled edge.
No. 3 Slit Edge: Approximately square edge with slitting burr intact.
No. 4 Round-Cornered Edge: Rounded edge - may have slitting fracture visible along the edge.
No. 5 De-burred Edge: A No. 3 edge with the slitting burr healed over.
No. 6 Square Edge: Square with radial corners - may have slitting fracture visible along the edge.
Edging/Oscillating Datasheet  (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to obtain a free copy.)